Introduction to Mandarin Cafe

- 10/06/2009 14:47:26

The name Mandarin café was first introduced in 1994 by the famous writer James Sullivan – a good friend of Mr.Cu. Jame (1994) said that “Because of Hue’s royal pedigree and the generations of Confucian scholars who worked in the royal court, I suggested that he name the place the Mandarin Café”. Mandarin Cafe now is “a Mecca for travelers. You can explain why our café is the high recommendation in Lonely Planet when you taste our food. We serve you with both Vietnamese traditional food and Western food.

If you come to Hue and haven’t known where to see yet, we are willing to give you the tour information and booking ticket. In case of you are a man of art, Mandarin cafe is the right destination. Mr. Cu, a very friendly man, the owner of the Mandarin Café, is a famous photographer and his pictures are also exhibited in France, Italy, and USA. The only thing we want to serve you is “A SMILE”

    Infront of Mandarin Cafe  Mr.Cu and his Wife - an excellent cook! A birthday party in Mandarincafe Inside Mandarin Cafe  

                                                 Mr Rober - a good friend of MrCu  They are enjoying the banana pancakes